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Sarah Burgess

Business Development Manager

Sarah is a strong, dedicated and enthusiastic individual whose goal is to continually grow and advance within her role as well as help those around her grow. An impressive leader whose team looks to her for support, guidance and solutions. Her ability to think logically allows her to stay collected under high pressure situations. With many years in property management under her wing, Sarah covers all avenues and ensures all clients receive the best service.

Sarah opens the line of communication between clients and customers, with everyone's best interest in sight.

Transparency, open communication and sound advice are integral in guiding her clients, many of them long term. Her passion for real estate and building unique connections with her clients and co-workers have been paramount to Sarah's success over the last 12 years.

Her bubbly and charismatic personality is what makes Sarah, Sarah. She strives daily to achieve the best results for herself, her team and her clients which has shown Sarah continually advancing in her role.